Precautions For PPSU PEX Fittings Construction


  Floor heating is more and more widely used in home fu […]

  Floor heating is more and more widely used in home furnishings. Many families also choose to install floor heating when they are decorating. It is more and more favored by home users due to comfort, health, and energy saving. PPSU PEX fittings are also becoming more and more popular. Many families even One after another, central heating has been changed to floor heating. PPSU PEX fittings have become famous for a while. The following editor will introduce the problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of PPSU PEX fittings and the use of floor heating systems:

  1. Keep a space of more than 5cm from the ground when placing furniture and articles in a room with floor heating, so that the floor heat can spread upward.

  2. During indoor decoration with underfloor heating, it is strictly forbidden to hit the ground or drill, nail, cut, or dig holes into the ground to prevent damage to the heating pipe.

  3. In the heating area, no heavy objects should be placed on the ground to prevent deformation and cracking of the ground. If it is really necessary, reinforcement measures should be taken on the ground.

  4. High-temperature work is strictly prohibited on the ground. Such as lighting a fire or using an electric stove, etc., to prevent damage to underground plastic pipes.

  5. In an uninhabited room in winter, when the temperature is below 0℃, all the water in the floor heating pipe should be pumped out with an air pump. It is best to ensure that no drop is left to prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking.

  6. It is not recommended to add a keel under the wooden floor, which will reduce the heat dissipation effect and easily damage the pipe by the nails nailing the keel. It is better to use glued and spliced ​​man-made composite panels for wood flooring as much as possible.

  7. When users drill holes between floors or on the roof, they must pay attention to the depth of the drill hole not exceeding the thickness of the floor structure to prevent damage to the upper floor heating pipe and insulation layer.

  8. If leakage occurs in the floor heating pipeline, be sure to close the manifold valve on the manifold first, and then notify the installation unit for repairs.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to contact the heating pipe with asphalt, gasoline, and alcohol to prevent damage to the pipe.

  10. In each heating period, before using floor heating, the filter on the water supply pipe of the water separator should be opened to remove debris.