2019 ISH Shanghai Expo, September 3-5


2019 ISH Shanghai Expo, September 3-5 2019 Shanghai Hea […]

2019 ISH Shanghai Expo, September 3-5 2019

Shanghai Heating Exhibition

Zhenpeng attended the ISH Shanghai Expo, from September 3-5. We displayed our new Metric Cold Expansion System. The Cold Expansion System uses a special expansion tool to expand the pipe and ring, using its memory to shrink automatically and fix the fitting inside, to form a strong, leak-free connection. It is a easy, fast and safe connection system. 

With the increasing attention and popularity of quick and safe connection in air-condition, floor heating and potable water systems, the PPSU PEX pipe system is highly regarded and recgonized. Our products arose strong reaction in the market.

Zhenpeng PPSU fittings are durable, light weight, lead free, corrosion free, and resistant to chlorine and other substances that may be present in today's potable water supply. Today's resin has been used and refined over the past 20 years and has proven a very reliable replacement for brass and copper fittings.

We have PPSU Coupling, PPSU Elbow, PPSU Tee, PEX Ring.     Size: 16  20  25  32

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