Zhenpeng Booth #E3-42D @ISH Beijing Expo, May 6-8


With the increasing attention and popularity of quick a […]

With the increasing attention and popularity of quick and safe connection in air-condition, floor heating and potable water systems, the PPSU PEX pipe system is highly regarded and recgonized.
Zhenpeng provides a very easy and fast connection solution for Asian and European market, which we call Cold Expansion System. 


New Product


The Cold Expansion System uses a special expansion tool to expand the port of pipe and ring, using its memory to shrink automatically and fix the fitting inside. The total assembling time for one port is less than 1 minute!


Size: 16,20,25,32
Type: Coupling, Elbow, Tee, Plug, Ring
Material: PPSU




Zhenpeng attends the ISH Beijing Expo from May 6 to 8. We display our new metric Cold Expansion System. Please visit us at E3-42D.



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