How To Distinguish The Quality Of Floor Heating Pipes?


  High-quality floor heating pipes can be used for up t […]

  High-quality floor heating pipes can be used for up to 50 years of life, while poor-quality floor heating pipes may collapse in a few years. Therefore, it is imperative to choose high-quality floor heating pipes when installing, so how to justify the quality of floor heating pipes as a novice? ? The following editor briefly shares the method of selecting floor heating pipes for you.

  How to choose a floor heating pipe? Floor heating pipes are divided into PERT, PB, PEX fittings Plastic, etc. according to different materials... Due to different raw materials and production processes, the quality and performance of these three types of floor heating pipes are also different. For example, PERT floor heating pipes are generally used independently In heating systems, PB floor heating pipes are mostly used in central heating systems. PEX is divided into PEXA/PEXB and PEXC, etc... Generally, imported PEX pipes are more common. Be careful when choosing the type of floor heating pipe.

  How to distinguish the quality of floor heating pipes? View from the outside.

  High-quality floor heating pipes depend not only on the raw materials but also on the quality control of the pipes from production to delivery. In the actual application process, pay close attention to the wall thickness and appearance of the pipe to ensure that the wall thickness of the pipe is relatively uniform. Furthermore, there should be no impurities on the surface of the pipe wall.

  How to choose a floor heating pipe? Touch by hand

  What is the quality of the floor heating pipe? We can touch it with our hands to feel it. The good quality pipe feels fine and smooth to the touch, and the degree of softness is moderate to ensure the reliability of the floor heating system.

  How to choose a floor heating pipe? Measuring thickness

  Common floor heating pipe specifications are 16*2.0 and 20*2.0, but some bad manufacturers’ floor heating pipes are marked with a wall thickness of 2.0, but the wall thickness is not up to it. The wall thickness of high-quality floor heating pipes can reach Required and is consistent with the label. If you can’t distinguish between the floor heating pipes, you can compare the two pipes to see which pipe has a thicker wall.