PEX Fittings Plastic Pipe Specific Installation And Maintenance Introduction


  As a PEX fittings plastic pipe material mainly used i […]

  As a PEX fittings plastic pipe material mainly used in building indoor cold and hot water supply systems and heating systems, it has the advantages of non-toxicity and high-temperature resistance. So how to stop the correct installation and maintenance for it?

  1. First of all, before the installation, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the pipe itself. The quality of products sold by ordinary on-track manufacturers will be more assured, and they will be able to provide complete after-sales services in the later stage. The construction staff should pay attention not to blindly control the cost, and improving the overall cost performance is the key.

  2. Secondly, PEX fittings plastic pipes can have many colors, but to distinguish them, they can be better distinguished and used when they are stacked outdoors or exposed to the sun. Most of them suggest using the same color and request anti-aging The level is high, and it can absorb ultraviolet rays to a certain level.

  3. The installation process of this type of pipeline has many similarities with coated metal pipes, but there are also certain differences. And these differences are caused by the difference in physical properties of the two and the difference in environmental impact. Operators should fully understand these differences when designing and installing them. This is the basis for PEX fittings plastic pipes to achieve the expected operating results.

  4. After the completion of the pipeline installation, to prevent abnormalities in the later stage and affect people's lives, the construction personnel should pay attention to stop some inspection and maintenance from time to time, and stop reasonable treatment in time when abnormalities are found to reduce the failure rate. What is the temperature that the PEX fittings plastic tube can adapt to?

  PEX fittings plastic pipe detailed correct installation maintenance introduction. The above is a brief introduction to the relevant content.