What Should I Pay Attention To When Installing Poly PEX Fittings?


  When installing Poly PEX fittings, there are four det […]

  When installing Poly PEX fittings, there are four details that need to be paid attention to

  1. The installation location must be planned in advance, and a certain amount of space should be reserved for later maintenance and use. The water collector is usually installed inside the wall and outside the pipe well, and it can also be installed in the cabinet below the pool.

  Second, control the length. No matter it is divided into several channels, the length is the same, and the difference should not be too large, so as to avoid uneven heat dissipation during later use.

  3. The water distribution pipe cannot be installed in a branch. Each pipeline needs to be installed and connected separately

  4. Products using specific materials. These materials can include stainless steel or copper and plastic materials. At the same time, choose a threaded pipe port, and ensure that the distance between the water distribution pipe and the joint is not less than five centimeters.