Repair And Solution Of Water Leakage In Poly PEX Fittings


  Floor heating is a heating method commonly used in mo […]

  Floor heating is a heating method commonly used in modern homes, but the head of the household often encounters such a problem: How to repair the leak of Poly PEX fittings?

  The first step: determine the leaking point. When the floor heating system is found to be leaking, many people's first reaction is to find a plumber for repairs or to find the person who installed the floor heating system. This is troublesome. We first check the pipeline above the ground to see if there is any change in the water pressure gauge, and initially determine the leakage point, and then contact the maintenance personnel. The professional maintenance personnel will bring the tools to the door directly, which saves time.

  Step 2: Develop a maintenance plan based on the leaking point. If there is a problem with the piping system above the ground, directly repair it with raw material tape, or replace the original leaking part with new pipe fittings. If it is a part of the buried underground leak, you need to pry open the floor tiles and cement layer, repair or replace the pipe, if the leak is serious, we must be ready to reinstall the floor heating system.

  The third step: to maintain or reinstall. Part of the floor heating maintenance above the ground, if it is to repair or replace the pipe, the project is not big, and it is completed in one or two hours, and it will not affect the following life. If the repair is buried underground, it is necessary to pry open the floor tiles and cement layer, and the construction work is more complicated, which may take one to two days. However, if the water leakage is serious and the floor heating system needs to be reinstalled, the time required will be longer, at least about 5 days. If it is put into use normally, it may take more than half a month.