How To Prevent PEX Fittings Plastic Pipes From Freezing


  Living in a cold area can be fun and exciting, especi […]

  Living in a cold area can be fun and exciting, especially during the holidays. But when it comes to piping systems, it is not always as good as you think.

  Bursts of pipes due to low temperatures during celebrations can be a major problem. This is a common event that occurs in all types of pipelines in winter, including PEX fittings plastic pipe systems. Despite this, there are ways to prevent your PEX fitting's plastic pipes from freezing, thereby avoiding expensive repairs.

  At freezing temperatures, PEX fittings plastic pipes have better performance than hard pipes (such as copper). Here, we will discuss the performance of the PEX fittings plastic pipe system in cold climates and how to prevent the pipes from freezing.

  Will PEX fittings plastic burst due to freezing?

  The chemical structure of PEX fittings plastic pipes makes them more flexible and pressure-bearing. Because they are flexible, they will expand when ice is formed inside the pipe, thereby reducing the chance of rupture.

  The strength of the plastic pipe does not change much at low temperatures. Although they can freeze at extreme temperatures, they can withstand the pressure caused by icing for a longer period than rigid pipes. But please note that frequent pressure will weaken your PEX fitting's plastic pipes, thereby increasing the chance of leaks and failures.

  At what temperature do PEX fittings plastic pipe freeze?

  Generally, low temperatures of 20° F or less can cause ice to form in uninsulated water pipes, which can cause the pipes to freeze. Regardless of the material of the pipe, all types of pipes can freeze. However, your pipeline's ability to handle freezing temperatures will be significantly affected by the material of the pipeline's construction.

  Do you need to insulate PEX fittings plastic pipes?

  If PEX fittings plastic pipes can withstand freezing temperatures well, why do they need to be insulated? This is because PEX fittings plastic pipes are only frost-resistant. They are not freeze-proof. They can still rupture in extremely cold temperatures, but you can prevent this from happening.